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This farmer/grower/customer inspired cookbook features unique, simple, and tasty recipes for dishes made primarily with locally grown, fresh ingredients. While many of the ingredients can be grown in backyards and farms throughout the country, we have included many recipes that are made, in part, with Florida native plants or unique tropical produce that can be grown in central Florida. The recipes include notes from the contributor sharing tips, stories, and other fun facts about their dishes. This is not only sure to be a favorite in your kitchen, but will make a great gift.

With recipes like "Caramola Daiquiri," "Smilax Rootbeer," "Delicious Kale Chips," "Farmer's Pizza," "Scalloped Oysters," "Strawberry Bread," "Florida Pear Pie," and "Beautyberry Syrup," you are sure to find many new dishes to make with ingredients found right in your backyard (or your local market).
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