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Naturewise is a Florida native plant nursery that was started to provide people with native plants and ecological services to create their own sustainable "Florida Friendly" landscapes.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to create native Florida habitats and rewarding gardens that help sustain our environment. Find out more About Us, then look at our Services and Native Plants to make your possibilities a reality.
Naturewise is part of The Green Marketplace, a local farm and nursery cooperative.


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Local Plants, Local Food, and Sustainability

Native plants provide food and habitat for wildlife as well as beauty for homeowners, all without supplemental water and fertilizer. Some native plants such as mulberry, elderberry, and sea grape even have edible parts. They can be grown in your landscape alongside non-native edibles such as peaches, citrus, and blueberries, to create a yard that produces food in a sustainable way.  Naturewise sells these plants and partners with other local growers who support sustainable backyard systems and produce healthy food using organic methods. Find plans, produce, dairy, eggs, herbs, and much more at The Green Marketplace!

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Honey bee feeds on Key West Morning Glory (Jacquemontia pentathos).


The Green Marketplace

The Green Marketplace is a cooperative partnership between local growers, Naturewise and Hise Farms. We are small local growers who believe in using sustainable methods to grow our plants and produce. We only sell what we grow ourselves, and do so without chemical pesticides.  We collaborate with other local growers, producers, and community partners to offer unique, sustainable and carefully crafted green living products, services, and outreach to our customers.



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