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Native Edible Plants
  • Herbs such as horsemint, Browne's savory, pennyroyal, violet, spiderwort...
  • Vines such as Smilax sp, passion vine, muscadine grape
  • Shrubs such as blueberry, beautyberry, blackberry, elderberry (pictured right), Simpson's stopper, wax myrtle, bird pepper, prickly pear cactus...
  • Trees such as red mulberry, red cedar, sea grape, oaks, hickory, persimmon, red bay...
Tropical Edible Plants (non-native but adapted to our climate)
  • Lemon Grass
  • Roselle (pictured right)
  • Pineapple
  • Banana
Fruit Trees
Landscape your backyard with plants that give back to you. A number of different edible plants can be grown in your backyard, just be sure to choose varieties that are native or adapted to your part of Florida. Many require some chill-hours, which central Florida doesn't get many of, so be sure and choose 
We now have low-chill apples (Anna and Golden Dorsett) and Pears (FL Hood and FL Home)! 
Blackberry Plants

'Ouachita' is a vigorous, erect growing plant with strong, thornless canes. It requires 300-400 chill hours. It can be spaced closer together, as in Figure B. below. 'Ouchita' fruits are sweet and fruity, have a good berry size, and a high potential yield.

'Natchez' is a productive and disease resistant cultivar that bears large fruit which store well, and requires 400-500 chill hours, slightly more than 'Ouachita'. It has erect to semi-erect cane growth.

Blackberries require more chilling than blueberries and are not recommended for the beaches or southern Florida. They will do well inland during cooler winters. Full sun and deep well drained soils are ideal. Blackberries perform best at a soil pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Drip irrigation is best. While self-fruitful, cross-pollination is beneficial so planting different varieties is helpful.

Natchez and Ouachita Thornless Cultivars, #1 gallon plants, $6.50 each

** Strawberry Plants - 'Festival' cultivar, 4-pk plants, $5. Available June only!  Contact Mary
** Blueberry Plants
Plants for sale fall through spring only
We carry assorted varieties of low-chill blueberry plants, great for planting in central Florida. Blueberries must be planted in soil with a pH of 4.5-5, preferably in a 80% pine  and 20% peat mix. You should plan on growing at least 2 different cultivars for cross pollination.
See these links for planting information.
Home Orchard Society
** Peach and Plum Trees
Peach trees are relatively easy to grow productive trees for your yard if low-chill cultivars are selected and proper care is given. We have several varieties for sale. Nice large #5 gallon trees are $40. Only one tree is needed.
For information see:
** Muscadine Grape
Muscadines are easy to grow grape vines, and just need annual pruning to train them to their arbor or trellis.  They can be grown in a small area and can be eaten fresh or used for juice, wine or jelly.
We have #1 gallon vines for $12, assorted varieties. 
For more information see:
** Figs
Figs grow well in central Florida as a large shrub or shrubby tree, in good soil. 

3 gallon = $20, 1 gallon = $11

  • Black Mission - #1

  • Brunswick - #1

  • Pasquale - #1

  • Brown Turkey - #3

  • Celeste - #3

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