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Plan Ahead

Good Planning and Preparation Can Improve Your Gardening Success 

Most gardeners fail when they don't have a plan. The temptation to impulsively buy that plant you see while out shopping at a garden center is hard to resist. But if you don't know where you're going to plant it, how to properly care for it, or even if it's the right time to be growing that plant, then chances are you won't be getting that large harvest you're hoping for. Read and research - there's a ton of good information to help you out!

There are a few key elements to gardening:

  • Timing - Very important! refer to a Florida planting guide to determine what time of the year each vegetable crop should be planted. Have gardens or containers prepared and ready prior to this time, and if starting from transplants, have seeds started at the right time as well.
  • Soil Preparation- your plants will do much better if they are planted in a good soil that holds nutrients and water but is well drained. Amending your soil with compost and other organic matter will keep plants happy.
  • Proper Location - make sure your garden is located in a sunny spot near a water source and in an area where you will see it so you don't forget it's there. Checking up on your plants will help you detect pests or other problems early.
  • Have Pest Control Ready- keep natural or organic pest control products on hand so you can treat pests and diseases in their early stages before they wipe out your entire garden. You should have a fungicide, insecticide for soft-bodied insects (scales, etc.), and a BT based product for worms and caterpillars.
Plant Food- Applying the correct nutrients for the specific plant you're growing is key. Leafy vegetables like lettuce need a good source of nitrogen (N), fruiting plants like tomatoes need extra phosphorous (P) and often calcium, and root crops like potatoes need potassium (K). Lack of food will result in lack of plant and/or fruit growth.


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