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Native Plants, the Logical Choice



Why Use Native Plants?

  • Adapted to our climate, soil and pests.
  • Tolerate droughts once established.
  • Provide food and shelter for wildlife
  • Promotes local diversity, food sources, and adaptability.

Right Plant Right Place

Naturewise takes pride in growing and selling a nice diversity of quality native landscape plants.  We use local sources whenever possible to ensure plants are well suited to our specific environmental conditions.
We are strictly a retail nursery and we specialize in wildflowers, grasses, vines, and shrubs. We currently have close to 100 different species!

The Native Plants We Grow.

  • Wildflowers and perennials
  • Shrubs and Trees
  • Flowering Vines
  • Ground Covers
  • Wetland Plants

Click here for our Plant List.

* The above list is what we typically have in stock but that can change. In addition to these plants, we are able to grow or acquire other natives, so feel free to contact us about the plant(s) you are looking for.

Naturewise strives to grow and work with other local native plant growers to obtain a diverse and attractive selection of Florida native plants suitable for the habitats of east central Florida. Our plant availability is subject to change. You are welcome to contact us before coming to find out if you have the plant you are looking for. Otherwise we encourage you to come and browse our plants, reading the plant description signs to learn more.


Great Plants For Sunny Dry Yards

  • Trees like sweet acacia, oaks, varnish leaf, gumbo limbo, flatwoods plum, red cedar... 
  • Shrubs like wax myrtle, fiddlewood, necklace pod, FL privet, saw palmetto, cocoplum, and bunch grasses like muhly grass, sand cordgrass, love grasses...
  • Flowers like horsemint, black-eyed Susan, blanket flower, silk grass, golden aster, verbenas, blue curl, wild petunia, blue porterweed, spiderwort, blazing stars...
  • Ground covers like susnshine mimosa, dune sunflower, beach elder, railroad vine, ...
  • Vines like coral honeysuckle, cross vine, carolina jessamine...
Top L = Sunshine mimosa flower, below L = goldenrod, below R = necklace pod

Great Plants For Shady Yards

  • Small shrubs - Wild coffee, beautyberry, oakleaf hydrangea, coontie...
  • Flowers - red sage, wild petunia, spiderwort, rouge plants, violet...
  • ferns, bunch grasses (partial shade)...
  • Med.- large shrubs - saw palmetto, Firebush (partial shade), Simpson's stopper, Walter's viburnum...
  • Vine - Key West morning glory
Red Sage
Pickerel Weed

Great Plants For Moist or Wetland Areas

  • Herbaceous plants like golden canna, blue-flag iris, duck potato, pickerel weed, crinum lily, sea rocket, sea oxeye daisy, swamp milkweed, tickseeds...
  • Shrubs like scarlet hibiscus, salt marsh mallow, swamp rose, buttonbush, salt and pepper bush, elderberry, false indigo...
  • Tress like bald cypress, red maple, mangroves, sweet bay magnolia, loblolly bay...
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