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FloriMulch -Melaleuca Mulch

Florimulch is an all natural mulch that does a good job of staying in place and keeping weeds away.

"Made of 100% Melaleuca, an invasive tree to our native wetlands. Uniquely cured to eliminate burrowing nematode. State Certified Nematode Free by Florida Department of Agriculture. Tested by the University of Florida to be termite resistant. Endorsed by Friends of the Everglades and favored by those groups that support our native environment."

NOW AVAILABLE! Visit this post for more details.

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Worm Compost Tea!

All natural beneficial microbial fertilizer and pesticide


Treat all your plants with worm tea!  Bottles are $1 and one gallon jugs are $6. Perfect for using on those fall vegetable plants and just about anything else. Worm tea is worm castings which have been soaked in water and oxygenated. The extra oxygen causes a bloom of the good bacteria, plus the added benefit of nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and potash. The good bacteria help to control the bad bacterial and prevent disease, while at the same time helping your plant absorb nutrients.

Price | $6.00/#1 gallon


Organic and Natural Fertilizers

Feed the natural way.

We have assorted natural fertilizers made from things like seaweed, bone meal, worm castings, fish emulsion, etc.

Organic Soils and More.

No chemicals here!


The objective of organic gardening is to improve the environment that the plants are growing in, so the plants grow strong and healthy.  Chemical fertilizers may feed the plant, but they don’t improve the plant’s environment.  We make and stock natural fertilizers along with natural, organic potting soil, garden soil, pine straw mulch, mushroom compost and more! Keep chemicals out of your food.
Mushroom Compost     $5.00 / bag + tax
Mushroom compost enriches the soil and supplies nutrients for the healthy growth of plants. Mushroom compost also increases the water-holding capacity of the soil, which decreases your watering needs. We recommend mixing it in with other composts and soils to maximize your nutrient and media balance.  
Super Poo                   $6.75 / bg + tax
Composted Horse Manure - a fundraiser for home school children in Melbourne, this soil ammendment is a wonderful addition to your garden. Superpoo is very "fluffy" so it creates good gas exchange as well as holds moisture and nutrients. Great for growing carrots and root crops!

Grow Boxes.

A great way to grow tomatoes, great for balconies!

Grow boxes water your plant from the bottom up, keeping the nutrients in the soil. Plants stay healthier and happier. The soil can be reused, just add new organic fertilizer each season. Boxes come with fertilizer and instructions. 
Currently OUT OF STOCK

Price| $25+ tax

Rain Barrels

Water your plants with natural rainwater.

Rain barrels reduce runoff and provide a natural source of water for your plants. They can be painted to better fit in with your landscape, and several can be connected together for extra storage. We have traditional 55 gallon barrels and now, extra-large 275 gallon totes! Contact Hise Farms with questions or see them at the marketplace.

55 gallon barrels = $65| XL Totes = $100

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